Blender Add-On To Convert JSON Data Into 3D Models

Technical Art
Using Python in Blender to model a racetrack from JSON data
Project Overview
I took part in the Formula AI Hackathon which introduced participants to three different domains of challenges in the world of Formula 1. The challenge track that I chose was ‘3D Modeling’ which required us to write a blender add-on that can accept JSON files containing {x, y, z} location data of different parts of the track, before being mapped to a 3D model. Out of 212 applicants, my team came 4th!






My biggest takeaway from this competition was everything Blender. This was my first time properly using and learning about the program, let alone writing custom code for the platform. After learning about the different ways meshes are created and manipulated on Blender and the use of modifiers, the documentation for Blender Python made it easy to learn how the module is used for writing tools.

Working with Varun on this project was a pleasure! He’d had some experience with Blender before the competition, and taught me a lot along the way. None of this would’ve been possible under the time crunch we were all on if it hadn’t been for him, and the rest of the team as well.

Here’s the Github repo to the project, if you want to check it out or even contribute!

If you want to read a more in-depth article that I wrote on this, do check out this link.