Hasbro Pulse Con 2022

Technical Art
Hasbro Pulse Con 2022 was a virtual convention showcasing products and media from Hasbro's brands and products from Fortnite, Marvel and Star Wars and more.
Project Overview
My role in the production was to provide hands-on support to artists at Marvel studios and Disney validating asset performance within Unreal Engine and give feedback on asset topology.



Performance and Profiling

  • Wrote a blender plugin in Python to be used internally within Mobeon to import FBX assets directly from the Blender editor to Unreal Engine. This improved the art team's productivity by 40%.
  • Ensured the smooth running of the live production with no drop in frame rate by giving feedback on asset performance to artists at Marvel Studios and Disney.
  • Filmed the prerendered cinematics within Unreal using the Sequencer tool.
  • Fixed several issues faced while importing assets from other tools like Maya into Unreal Engine such as missing and displaced meshes, and improper physics.
  • Used LiveLink to stream real-time mocap data to Unreal Engine.
  • Calibrated motion tracking systems (vive tracker, and vive controller) to accurately track camera movements within the virtual set.