Esports Broadcast Virtual Studio

Virtual Production
Virtual studio kit for live broadcasts powered by Unreal Engine.
Project Overview
As part of my role at eFuse, I was responsible for designing the functional behavior of the virtual studio package we built out for collegiate esports broadcasts.

Unreal Engine


OBS Studio

Live Production

At eFuse, one of the projects I've gotten to work on is in the production of the virtual studio package we built out for the purpose of broadcasting esports tournaments. The goal with this project is to hand out a purpose built studio kit (for free) to schools and universities to introduce them to real-time 3D technology and their applications not just for game development, but also live events and broadcasts.

My role in the project was in programming the UI to control camera animations along with creating the animations themselves, studio lighting, setting up the NDI plugin for Unreal to be able to read external camera feeds, and overall optimization of the project for the smoothest live production experience.

Here are some images of the studios that we built.

Staging area of Studio 1
Wide angle shot of the entire arena
Wide angle shot of studio 2

At eFuse, I also get to work as part of the production crew. My role is in operating the cameras and debug problems that we encounter during production. Here's a clip of one of the studios in action for one of eFuse's live events.

The studio was also used at the UNC Greensboro E2 weekend, for a LAN Fortnite tournament.