Microcontroller Communication

Embedded Systems
Using UART for communication between the microcontroller and a terminal program
Project Overview
The terminal program is to log the time at which a button is pushed. In other words, the exact moment at which a 0 ➡ 1 logical transition is detected from a pin is logged and displayed on the terminal running on a computer.


Circuit design



The final objective of this project was for the MCU to be able to communicate with a terminal program (such as Tera Term) running on a computer.

This project allowed me to push the MCU I was using to its limits — in terms of memory optimization as well as using an external clock. Admittedly, I was only able to appreciate the convenience of an MCU with more memory, for example, when I worked on the project that followed this one. But it was important that I completed this project with an MCU that came with all the limitations the ATtiny2313A does. Making the most of a simple MCU justifies asking for one that is more powerful as you will continue to milk the most of what you got.

Link to the Medium article and Github.