Hey there!

I'm Nazzal Naseer

I’m an interactive 3D designer, as well as an electrical engineer in the making. I love programming in C/C++ and Python, whether it's programming in Unreal Engine or writing firmware code, it's my bread and butter.

What I look like!

My Career so far

After doing some work in machine learning, I learned about the world of interactive 3D and got my hands dirty with Unreal Engine. Since then, I've written my own Ray Tracing Renderer from scratch and started working for a production studio that makes use of real-time rendering.

Graphics Programming (C / C++)
Machine Learning (Python)
Node Js
Firmware Programming (C)
Adobe Illustrator
Davinci Resolve
Audacity & Wwise


Working at an incubator

After graduating from high school, I took two gap years to understand the world of startups and the tech ecosystem. In my first year, I spent my time being involved at an incubator where I developed skills such as web and app development, and worked with startups on a project-basis.

Gaining Machine Learning Experience

In my second year, I worked at a startup, in the HR industry, full-time as a machine learning intern. In my time there, I...

  • Worked on an ML model to predict employee turnover
  • Used information regarding a certain job role to predict its skill, and value requirements.
  • Used computer vision to understand the micro-facial expressions of a person during a video interview to infer the seven different types of emotional states
  • Used natural language processing to mine for relevant keywords and phrases in a resume with the help of word vectors

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